Company Information
Thank you for visiting Louisiana Monument online. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the process of selecting a memorial as simple and convenient as possible. With our computer design program, we can provide you with a black and white drawing of your monument, complete with personalized information so you can “see” your selection before it is manufactured. Any changes can be discussed and made before the order is even placed. This process allows our customers to feel confident in their selection.

To help our customers with the selection process, we offer:

  • Thousands of monument designs to select from
  • Many varieties of granite colors (click here for colors)
  • Bronze artwork to accent your stone, including roses, crosses, and emblems
  • Etched portraits of your loved one on black granite
  • Custom-designed etched scenes (white etching or color)
  • Ceramic photos
  • Laser-etched signatures, poems, and scripture
  • Vases and creation urns
  • Granite benches
  • Mausoleums