Our goal is to provide our customers with:

  • Excellent Quality Products
    We sell only the finest quality monuments. They are cut from granite quarries in many different parts of the world, including Ireland, Africa, India, and many areas of the United States, including Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and North Dakota. From these quarries, massive blocks of granite are cut and shipped all over the world to be manufactured into beautiful memorials of lasting value. Using state of the art equipment, your monument will be shaped, polished, and sandblasted according to the design you select. Your completed monument is truly unique and a work of art.
  • Professional Installation
    Just as a house cannot remain stable or level without a proper foundation, neither can your monument. An average size monument can weigh well over a ton. Without a proper foundation, objects this massive will sink and shift over time. Only after the foundation has been properly prepared do we erect your monument. When installed to these specifications, your monument will stand the test of time and be attractive for decades to come.
  • Affordable Prices
    One of our goals is to continue to offer our products and services at very competitive, reasonable prices. Since everyone has a different budget in mind, we offer monuments in every price range, from small grass markers to monuments exceeding twelve feet in length. We also provide you with many styles, colors, and carving designs at different prices to help you make your selection.